Large treehouse in 1 or 2 trees

With this Treehouse Assembly Kit, all imaginable platforms can be built, from a small children’s playhouse in one tree to a 50 m² treehouse hotel in two trees. In combination with the 4 GTS Allstar and the 45° brackets, enormous forces can be absorbed!


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All in one – or two trees!

This set, consisting of two Triangle Set - 45° Heavy, is our recommendation for all normal to large treehouses. It is perfect for platforms that are attached symmetrically or slightly cantilevered to the side in the tree. With our Strut GTS +, the load-bearing capacity can be increased even further, and if you want to keep it simple, you can conveniently attach your 3D struts to the long shaft of the GTS Allstar with our Strut Support GTS.

Example large tree platform single tree

Build Treehouse

1 Tree
Minimum trunk diameter ø > 45 cm for top Screws. The set is ideal for a treehouse that is only mounted in one tree. As two GTS Allstar are mounted opposite each other, the trunk must be nice and thick at the mounting point.

  • The platform is anchored absolutely firmly.
  • The treehouse moves together with the tree.
  • Large platforms possible:
    • Platform area softwood 10 – 25 m² (100 – 270 sq ft)
    • Platform area hardwood 10 – 35 m² (100 – 380 sq ft)
Construction plan large treehouse platform 2 trees

Build Treehouse

2 Trees
Minimum trunk diameter ø > 35 cm for top Screw. When built between two trees, the 3D triangular construction unfolds its full potential. Depending on whether the triangles are mounted inside or outside the tree, huge platforms with spans of up to 8 m (26 ft) can be built. Platform parts that project far out can be safely supported with struts – so nothing wobbles any more!

Tree Platform Anchor Plan Two Trees

2 Trees in a storm

Stay Dynamic
When building between two trees, the question naturally arises whether and how the platform can be movably supported on the triangles.

For thicker trunks > ø 50 cm (20 in) at platform height: The triangles have some play on the GTS by themselves and can absorb slight movements of the trees (< 5 cm).

For thinner trunks > ø 40 cm (16 in) at platform height: In case of strongly swaying trees, it is better to decouple the platform on one side. Either you build the platform sliding on one triangular beam, or you install two Dynamic Supports instead of the second triangle (see picture).

What is delivered?

The set consists of two Triangle Set – 45° Heavy:

Product Details
  • The wood is not included in the kit.
  • Technical details can be found on the respective product pages.
  • Total weight: 40690 g
  • Item number: TTS-SET-2TH
  • HS codes (customs): 73181542, 73089059
Calculate Platform Beams

Wood type for outdoor use: e.g. larch or Douglas fir

The greater the span, the greater the height of the timber beam must be.

Example for the calculation of platform beams at 6 m distance between the triangles:

  • Main girders stand e.g. 1 m above each → 8 m total length.
  • Beam height = centre distance [cm] / 20 = 600 cm / 20 = 30 cm (minimum height).
  • Width of the support beams: 8 – 10 cm (3,1 – 3,9 in)

More about timber in our FAQs.

Installation Instructions

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Assembly Video

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Not quite what you’re looking for?

Of course, this set can also be freely combined and extended with other products – here you will find more ideas and examples for building treehouse platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I use the 45° Diamond Bracket and when the V-Bracket?

If you want to build a triangle, whether small or large, you usually use the Diamond Bracket.

In contrast to the V-Bracket, it has a predefined brace angle of 45° and a fixed back wall. This makes it more stable overall and makes it particularly suitable for large 3-D triangles with high loads.

The symmetrical construction and the back wall facilitate the cutting and dimensioning of the timbers.

Can I also use other GTS Screws instead?

You can adjust the set at any time: Depending on the load situation, the GTS Allstar, Top or Friend can be installed. The top bolt with the Static Support is usually the larger one because it takes more load. The lower screw also takes a lot of load, but is mainly important for lateral stabilisation.

If the log is ø >35 cm (14 in) at the height of the platform, at least one GTS Allstar should always be used. The long rod of the Allstar gives leeway if the tree is tilted forward or backward.

Where do I put the Distance Rings?

It is usually sufficient to secure the desired position of the Static Support on the upper GTS with Distance Rings. The Bracket on the lower GTS wedges automatically due to the tilting movement.

If some movement is expected with two trees, 1 pair of Distance Rings can be omitted from one of the triangles to allow a little more freedom of movement.

How do my Triangles stay moveable when trees are swinging?

Both the supports on the GTS shaft and the triangle and the platform connected to it have a certain amount of play by nature and can easily buffer slight movements.

Ideally, both trees have a trunk diameter ø > 45 cm (18 in) at the height of the platform and hardly move, then no further measures are necessary.

If the trees are somewhat thinner and move only slightly during storms, one of the triangles can be mounted without Distance Rings to have a little more leeway.

If it is to be expected that the trees will sway strongly, the triangles must be decoupled to avoid damage to the structure! The most important thing is that the Tree Screws are not tugged back and forth. The decoupling is done constructively by slidingly supporting the platform beams on the triangle, e.g. with our Sliding Plates.

Hi treehouse friends!

We will be happy to help you! Please check our FAQ section first – there, we have already answered the most common questions for you.

In order to be able to advise you optimally, we need:

  • Sketches (drawn by hand is OK)
  • Position and height of the platform
  • Position and size of the treehouse
  • Photos of the trees
  • Tree diameter ø at the height of the platform
  • Tree species
  • Distance between trees (if more than one)
  • Use of the treehouse (many people, public, …)
  • Particularly stormy or snowy region?


“Since I often hang in trees or work with loud machines, it's best to contact me via email. The more concrete your idea and the more detailed the description, the better I can help you – thank you!”

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Kontaktiere uns!

Gerne helfen wir Dir weiter. Bitte check vorher unseren FAQ-Bereich, dort haben wir die gängigsten Fragen bereits beantwortet.

Um Dich optimal beraten zu können, benötigen wir:

  • Skizzen (gerne von Hand gekritzelt)
  • Lage und Höhe der Plattform
  • Position und Größe des Baumhauses
  • Fotos von den Bäumen
  • Baumdurchmesser ø auf Höhe der Plattform
  • Baumart
  • Abstand der Bäume (falls mehrere)
  • Nutzen vom Baumhaus (viele Personen, öffentlich, …)
  • Besonders Sturm oder Schneereiche Region?


„Da ich oft in den Bäumen hänge oder mit lauten Maschinen arbeite, kontaktiere mich am besten via E-Mail. Je konkreter Deine Idee und je detaillierter die Beschreibung, desto besser kann ich Dir weiterhelfen – Danke!“


Vitus Wahlländer – Chef 

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