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✓ Buy professional treehouse attachments.

✓ Learn how to anchor a treehouse safely and permanently in the tree.

✓ Tree-friendly solution for permanent installations.

The new standard:

GTS Treehouse Screws

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With our GTS Treehouse Screws, you will come a big step closer to your childhood dream. In the long term, Tree Screws are the safest and most tree-friendly fastening technique for large treehouses. Here you can find out how our German Treehouse Screw works and why you should avoid nails and other hardware store fasteners!

Our Qualification: Professional Treehouse Construction meets Engineering

After more than 250 successfully built treehouses and over 700 assembled GTS screws, we know exactly what our customers need.

Through the close cooperation with baumbaron GmbHand other professional tree house builders, we receive direct feedback and new ideas to further perfect our products. In addition to +10 years of practical experience, we have already been allowed to supervise six bachelors, master’s and diploma theses on the subject of tree house construction and fastening technology.

The history of TheTreehouse.Shop

Building a treehouse the right way – Instructions and tips from a professional

We share our knowledge and practical experience as treehouse builders, so that you too can successfully master your project.

Attachment to the tree

How do you secure a treehouse in a tree without damaging it? We show you the best techniques for building a treehouse!

The right tree

Which tree species is best? What is the minimum thickness of the trunk? When should you build your treehouse on stilts?

Platform construction

In our step-by-step instructions, you will learn everything about platform building – the most important and challenging part of building a treehouse.

TheTreehouse.Shop – Now on YouTube!

What our customers say

“… It actually helped me to develop my carpenter skills 🙂
When I finished, we tested the treehouse by the 3 of us spending a night up there.
The kids just love it!”
Oliver S. – Hungary

“It has been a good purchase, the supports look fantastic, their explanations and perfect advice, the shipment to Spain very fast, I will buy them for sure!
Marcos TreeHouse – Spain

“I am highly satisfied with TheTreehousShop. Great delivery service and the material is perfectly fabricated. The treehouse made the fathers and the children happy 🙂
Thomas F. – Switzerland

“… The price seemed relatively high at first, but the very high quality, the safety aspect and the good service make it worth every penny!”
Stefan H. – Germany

Stay young, stay wild, and follow us into the trees!

Hi treehouse friends!

We will be happy to help you! Please check our FAQ section first – there, we have already answered the most common questions for you.

In order to be able to advise you optimally, we need:

  • Sketches (drawn by hand is OK)
  • Position and height of the platform
  • Position and size of the treehouse
  • Photos of the trees
  • Tree diameter ø at the height of the platform
  • Tree species
  • Distance between trees (if more than one)
  • Use of the treehouse (many people, public, …)
  • Particularly stormy or snowy region?


“Since I often hang in trees or work with loud machines, it's best to contact me via email. The more concrete your idea and the more detailed the description, the better I can help you – thank you!”

Vitus Wahlländer - Owner of TheTreehouse.Shop

+49 17623339648

Dürnbachstraße 16a, 83727 Schliersee, Germany

Kontaktiere uns!

Gerne helfen wir Dir weiter. Bitte check vorher unseren FAQ-Bereich, dort haben wir die gängigsten Fragen bereits beantwortet.

Um Dich optimal beraten zu können, benötigen wir:

  • Skizzen (gerne von Hand gekritzelt)
  • Lage und Höhe der Plattform
  • Position und Größe des Baumhauses
  • Fotos von den Bäumen
  • Baumdurchmesser ø auf Höhe der Plattform
  • Baumart
  • Abstand der Bäume (falls mehrere)
  • Nutzen vom Baumhaus (viele Personen, öffentlich, …)
  • Besonders Sturm oder Schneereiche Region?


„Da ich oft in den Bäumen hänge oder mit lauten Maschinen arbeite, kontaktiere mich am besten via E-Mail. Je konkreter Deine Idee und je detaillierter die Beschreibung, desto besser kann ich Dir weiterhelfen – Danke!“


Vitus Wahlländer – Chef 

+49 17623339648

Dürnbachstraße 16a, 83727 Schliersee, Deutschland

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