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Treehouse Screws are the best solution for attaching platforms without harming the tree!

What is special about a Treehouse Screw?

Treehouse Screws are extra large bolts that have been specially developed for the living tree. They are mounted directly into the tree trunk. The geometry of the screw allows the tree to grow around them. Each year the screw tightens more and more, creating a kind of artificial branch. Compared to other fastening methods, screws are the safest and most tree-friendly solution in the long run.

Based on the American bolt models of tree house pioneers Michael Garnier (Garnier Limb – “GL”) and Pete Nelson (Treehouse Attachment Bolt – “TAB”) we have further optimized our screws and adapted them to the European market – we are proud to present:

1. How do Treehouse Screws work?

The Treehouse Screw has three segments:
  • a Coarse thread
  • b Cylinder
  • c Shaft
  • F = The load acting on the screw

First of all a precise hole must be drilled into the tree. The coarse thread (a) and about half of the cylinder (b) are screwed into the hole. This part of the screw transfers the loads of the treehouse (F) into the trunk.

The other half of the cylinder and the shaft (c) are outside of the bark. After the screw is installed, supports are pushed onto the shaft – on these supports the wooden beams of the platform will rest.

Good to know:

The screw always remains at the same height in the tree, as does a carved heart; only at the buds does the tree grow upwards.

If you are wandering if screws are harmful to the tree, click here…

2. Advantages of the German Treehouse Screw “GTS”

  • Extremely high load capacity (in tests with cable suspension, up to 8 tons vertical load)
  • Load is introduced directly into the trunk
  • High safety
  • Permanent stability
  • Tree is free to grow thicker
  • Very low maintenance
  • Proven fastening method for over 20 years


  • Around the screw, the tree forms particularly hard and resistant reactionary wood. Over the years, the screw is increasingly tightened and thus becomes an integral part of the tree.
  • We offer four different models: There is a suitable GTS model for every individual tree and load situation.
  • European dimensions: Screws and Accessories have been assembled for the European market (i.e. metric dimensions) -> Quick and easy access to spare parts! 
  • Low tool requirements: Thanks to perfectly matched products.
  • Wireless working: Thanks to the further developed screw geometry and sharp tool cutting edges, pre-drilling is effortless with a powerful cordless drill. Bothersome cables are a thing of the past.

3. Technical Features

  • Special Tree Thread: Specially developed coarse thread for the tree, meaning an increased pull-out resistance (500 – 1000 kg) & optimum power flow.
  • Cylinder 74: The solid cylinder safely transfers even the heaviest loads into the tree trunk.
  • TopSeal: The increasing cylinder diameter seals the drill hole: the screw fits perfectly and is tightly held.
  • Tapered Transition: The conical transition makes is easier for the tree to grow around the screw. The pull-out resistance of the screw increases and the smooth transition makes the overall appearance more aesthetic – like a branch.
  • Shaft 40: With a diameter of 40 mm, the shaft can withstand the most alternating loads for a lifetime!
  • Seamless: Since 2020 we produce our screws without welding – now they are indestructible!!!
  • Black KTL Coating: The environmentally friendly coating process provides optimum corrosion protection and outstanding sliding properties. Due to the black appearance, the screw disappears unobtrusively into the tree.

4. Installation

Here a few example pictures of the installation of a treehouse screw:

  1. Pre-drilling
  2. Screw in the screw
  3. Slide suitable accessories onto the shaft of the screw.
  4. Mount platform construction on screw

You can find detailed information about the installation here…


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