The ’45°-Diamond Bracket’ is the way to go when large treehouse construction is required!

This support is the heavy version of the ‘V-Bracket’. Its strength lies in large 3D triangular constructions where the triangle supports both laterally and forwards. Wide cantilevered platforms are safely supported. But the “Diamond Bracket” is also suitable for small platforms!

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Product Details

  • Inner angle: 90
  • Brace angle: 45
  • Chamfered screw holes:
    • 15 x ø8.5 mm for wood screws
    • 2 x ø12.5 mm for carriage bolts
  • Chamfer on back of pipe facilitates assembly
  • Hole in the middle prevents water build-up
  • Continuous back panel holds wooden beams / struts coming from the front


Please read the Hardware Info before buying!


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Technical Data

  • DIN quality steel
  • Black KTL Coating
  • Weight: 3950 g
  • Sheet thickness: 4 mm
  • Height of triangle over axis of GTS: 29 mm

Field of application

  • Small to very large triangular structures
  • Wide cantilever platforms
  • 1-tree platforms
  • High loads
  • Recommended for triangular constructions with timber widths from 7 to 12 cm

Difference “V-Bracket” and “45°-Diamond-Bracket”:

  1. The diamond bracket has a fixed brace angle of 45°. The advantage is that it is easier to measure and cut the timbers. The force curve is optimal at 45°. The construction appears harmonious.  Disadvantages can arise if branches have to be avoided or if the platform has to cantilever strongly to one side.
  2. The closed back wall stiffens the whole construction and makes it easy to mount further braces to the front. This makes the Diamond Bracket particularly suitable for heavy constructions.


Please follow our installation instructions exactly – this is the only way to ensure a permanently secure attachment!

This is how it works:

  • Two GTS bolts are fixed one above the other, with a distance of 1.3 to 2.5 m.
  • The cross beam is fixed to the upper one by Static Support.
  • To prevent it from tipping, the cross beam is braced with an underlying Tree Screw and the 45° diamond bracket – a stable triangular construction.

Mounting tips:

  • Vertical screw spacing 1.3 m to 2.5 m
  • Attention with crooked trunks and root curvature at the trunk base!
  • Consider tree inclination and branches – best tested with a gauge made of wooden slats in original size.
  • It is easier to prefabricate the wooden triangle together with the 45° diamond bracket on the ground.
  • To fix the wooden brackets we recommend 6-8 mm stainless steel screws (small holes), and 10-12 mm carriage bolts or hexagonal wood screws (large holes).

Here you will find sexy installation videos and detailed step-by-step instructions.


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