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Team Baumbaron Redwood Forest

We are Baumbaron’s team: passionate carpenters, engineers and designers, nature-loving arborists, tree climbers and professional tree house builders!

In the picture from the left: Johannes Schelle, Christopher Richter, Miriam Rüggeberg, Tim Gemsjäger, Vitus Wahlländer, and the good spirit of Rainer Rohm.

Surrounded by nature: the scent of damp leaves, the sounds of the forest, a cracking branch, a bird scurrying by, the play of light of dancing leaves – if you take a bath in the cool, floating forest air, between the trunks of centuries-old trees, you literally absorb this atmosphere: the peace and serenity, but also the strength.

It is not without reason that trees and forests in many cultures are firmly integrated elements of life. In the fast-moving urban centers of our western world, however, these natural elements are increasingly being suppressed. Many people feel the longing for nature and freedom all too well – the urge to go out, to climb mountains, to listen to the sea or simply to let the silence of the forest affect them.

From this belief, we draw our motivation for tree house construction:

We want to make it possible for people to create places where they feel comfortable and where they can relax! We want to promote the connection between man and nature! And we love the radiant faces of children and adults who dive into the world of tree houses!

The real enthusiasm is for the tree: it is living space, offering protection from sun and wind and giving us firewood for cold winter nights. We use it to build artistic furniture, musical instruments and ships that brought our ancestors across entire oceans. We read stories from long-past times on paper pages that come from trees.

My name is Vitus Wahlländer, professional tree house builder and owner of TheTreehouse.Shop.

This journey began with my bachelor thesis as a civil engineer: “Tree Houses – Investigation and Optimization of Fastening Possibilities under Consideration of Tree Statics and Tree Biology.” At the same time, I built my own first tree house on stilts, and it quickly became clear to me that I had found something very special in tree house construction. I find it fascinating to let the engineering art of nature, its simplicity, its efficiency and durability, flow into the engineering art of man.

Over the course of my work I got to know Johannes Schelle and the wonderful team of Baumbaron from the south of Germany. This association quickly became a close friendship. After my engineering studies, I completed my training as a carpenter, and Johannes taught me the art of building tree houses.

The brilliant idea for the online shop came to me during the legendary WorldTreehouseConference 2016 in Oregon, USA. Every year, tree house builders from all over the world meet there to exchange their experiences and state-of-the-art technology. After I had the opportunity to present a part of my bachelor thesis on the optimization of the American tree house screw, I unexpectedly received much positive feedback, and we were encouraged to continue the project. So began TheTreehouse.shop, Europe’s first specialized store for tree house gadgets!

With the American tree house screw as the basis of our product, we continue to look for details and solutions that make tree house building even easier and safer. We will constantly expand the product range of our online shop and share our expertise with you, so that you save time and are optimally equipped for your building project. We hope to be able to contribute our part to the worldwide tree house community! Thank you very much and have a good time in the trees!

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