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How to build your treehouse into a crooked or sloping tree:

Slight inclined trees < 10° are usually no problem with a stable tree trunk. However, the diameter of the trunk should be > 35 cm and the attachment point should not be too high (< 3 m) so that there is not too much leverage.

Consider how you will align the platform and where the main loads will act:

  • Where does the leaning tree want to tip?
  • Where do I position my treehouse to relieve the leaning tree?
  • Where do I install my Tree Screws?
  • Which Tree Screws can I use? GTS Top is only suitable for straight trunks!
  • How do I fix my support beam? Does it have enough space?
  • How do I fix a triangular construction in a leaning tree?
  • What happens if there is a strong wind or snow load, or if the ground is soggy after heavy rain?


If the treehouse tree is more inclined (>10°), you might want to transfer part of the load to stilts to relieve the tree. You can find more information on this topic under: Which tree is suitable for building a treehouse?

Hi treehouse friends!

We will be happy to help you! Please check our FAQ section first – there, we have already answered the most common questions for you.

In order to be able to advise you optimally, we need:

  • Sketches (drawn by hand is OK)
  • Position and height of the platform
  • Position and size of the treehouse
  • Photos of the trees
  • Tree diameter ø at the height of the platform
  • Tree species
  • Distance between trees (if more than one)
  • Use of the treehouse (many people, public, …)
  • Particularly stormy or snowy region?


“Since I often hang in trees or work with loud machines, it's best to contact me via email. The more concrete your idea and the more detailed the description, the better I can help you – thank you!”

Vitus Wahlländer - Owner of TheTreehouse.Shop

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Kontaktiere uns!

Gerne helfen wir Dir weiter. Bitte check vorher unseren FAQ-Bereich, dort haben wir die gängigsten Fragen bereits beantwortet.

Um Dich optimal beraten zu können, benötigen wir:

  • Skizzen (gerne von Hand gekritzelt)
  • Lage und Höhe der Plattform
  • Position und Größe des Baumhauses
  • Fotos von den Bäumen
  • Baumdurchmesser ø auf Höhe der Plattform
  • Baumart
  • Abstand der Bäume (falls mehrere)
  • Nutzen vom Baumhaus (viele Personen, öffentlich, …)
  • Besonders Sturm oder Schneereiche Region?


„Da ich oft in den Bäumen hänge oder mit lauten Maschinen arbeite, kontaktiere mich am besten via E-Mail. Je konkreter Deine Idee und je detaillierter die Beschreibung, desto besser kann ich Dir weiterhelfen – Danke!“


Vitus Wahlländer – Chef 

+49 17623339648

Dürnbachstraße 16a, 83727 Schliersee, Deutschland

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