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Please note:

The Strut Connector is intended for supporting struts and as an additional reinforcement for load-bearing elements (e.g. to prevent platforms or spiral staircases from tipping over). It should never be used as the main beam! Heavy loads must always be transferred via tree house screws, rope suspension, stilts or cuffs.

Tool list

  • “Strut Connector” + wood screw 20 x 180 mm
  • Powerful cordless screwdriver (4 Ah , 18 V)
  • Auger Drill 24 mm & 16 mm
  • Chisels / Firmer chisels
  • Wrench 30 mm (screw) & 36 mm (plate)


  1. Make the wooden strut / brace / bow; the optimal cross-section of the wood is 8 to 12 cm. The lower end grain section is 90° (tree side).
  2. Drill a 24 mm hole in the middle for the threaded rod of the “Strut Connector”. The hole should be drilled +-15 cm deep.
  3. Attach the “Strut Connector” loosely to the wooden strut (small wood screw).
  4. Hold the strut in the desired position between the platform and the tree. Align the strut so that the “Strut Connector” is in perfect contact with the tree (if necessary use a chisel to smooth out the bark).
  5. Mark the 16 mm drill hole for the large wood screw on the tree. The thick screw hole of the “fork plate” should be on top.
  6. Drill the hole 16 mm x 180 mm horizontally into the tree.
  7. Fasten the whole structure to the boom and platform. Now tighten the wooden strut by turning the round base plate.
  8. Now finally fasten all screws!

Note this when the load is low:

You can also attach the “fork plate” to the tree so that the large drill hole (21 mm) is underneath – this facilitates the assembly. However, the installation described above is statically better.

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