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The "Cable Support System" is a safety device and static reinforcement of the tree screws.

Installation is simple: Find a suitable location for the “GTS Safety” above the screw to be secured, slightly offset laterally (max. 1/4 turn). Then connect the safety screw and the tree house screw with the steel cable. The distance between the tree house screw and the safety screw should be at least 80 cm. The rope and turnbuckle must not rub against each other or be bent over edges!

Tool list:

Seilsicherung / Backup für Baumhausschrauben


The installation of the “Inside” or “Outside” rope safety device works very similarly – the only difference is that the “Inside” or “Outside” rope safety device is installed in the same way:

The “Inside” system must be pushed onto the shaft before the support.

The “Outside” system is retrofitted instead of the M30 nut.

The following instructions assume that the large GTS has already been installed.

1. Attach extension to GTS

Push the ring of the “Inside” system onto the shaft, or turn the “Outside” system onto the thread of the GTS instead of the M30 nut. The nut can be loosened jerkily (lubricant!).

2. Mark 2nd “Safety” drill hole

Turn the turnbuckle 2/3 open, tension the steel cable slightly laterally offset over the GTS and mark the exact position for the drill hole of the GTS “Safety”.

3. Inclined pre-drilling

Drill the hole of the “GTS Safety” perpendicular to the rope course (slightly inclined downwards): 24 mm x 150 mm deep

4. Screw in the screw

Turn in the “GTS Safety” until it protrudes approx. 3 cm from the smooth shaft. Large forces are required to turn the “GTS Safety” in, make sure it stands securely.

5. Connect screws & tighten rope

Connect the tree house screw with the safety screw and tighten the rope sensitively with the turnbuckle.

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