LIROS D-PRO 6 MM – 10 Meter!


The Dyneema rope “LIROS D-Pro 6 mm” – our steel rope replacement up to 1500 kg!

Dyneema ropes are extremely strong, technical synthetic fibre ropes and an attractive alternative to steel ropes – they are considerably lighter, can carry the same loads and are easier to handle without special tools. Our “D-Pro 6 mm” can be used with continuous load up to 1500 kg.

Please note! Prices for “Liros D-Pro” refer to 10 m rope length: VK = n x 10 m

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Despite their enormous load-bearing capacity, Dyneema ropes are not suitable as main girders; they can suddenly tear in the event of fire or due to sharp objects!

Use Dyneema ropes for:

  • Secondary load absorption
  • Position securing of the platform (if it fluctuates too much)
  • Additional Restore
  • Lateral guying

Special features

  • Best quality from LIROS (made in Germany)
  • The LIROS heat-stretch system guarantees optimum breaking loads and elongation values
  • Best rub resistance
  • High UV stability
  • Small diameter and light weight
  • simple spliceability without special tools
  • Unobtrusive optics

Technical data

  • Core from Dyneema
  • Construction 12-plait braided, stretched and coated
  • work elongation < 1 %
  • breaking load 4300 kg
  • Weight 23 g/m
  • diameter 6 mm
  • Color: black


  • Prices incl. 19% VAT. (Germany) & plus shipping costs
  • Delivery time within Europe Zone 1 max. 14 days (in stock)
  • Delivery time for other countries in the EU: max. 21 days (in stock)
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